Saturday, September 6, 2008

Way to Go Part 2

Today has been a good day for me. We traveled to Rapid City, SD today to visit with family. We attended an event that was held for Downs Syndrome called the Buddy Walk. We actually missed the first part of the event but were able to catch the final act, a concert featuring two guys and a fellow named Chris Burke. Chris Burke was the guy who played Corky on the TV series Life Goes on a long time ago. He also starred in ER for one episode. He was great. We attended this because we have a niece who has Down's Syndrome. Anyways as I was thinking about people with Down's Syndrome it just made me realize why God put people with Down's Syndrome on the Earth. If you ever pay attention to people like this you will notice one thing and that is they love everyone unconditionally. They do not judge people nor care what hey do for a living, hgow they look, what color skin they have, if they are Republican or democrat, they give love unconditionally. That is what God wants from everybody on Earth. People with Downs Syndrome are God's gift to us because they are models of how we should have relationships with one another.

Now for the Way to Go part 2 part. Today in Syracuse a "college football team" gave up 42 points and 500 yards of offense and ended up losing 42-28. Now here is the absolute horrible part, it was to Akron University a team from Akron, Ohio who play their home games in the Rubber Bowl. (insert your own jokes please). Akron University Zips, please!!!!!!!!! How has a once strong program fallen so far behind that it loses to the Akron Zips? This is the lowest of lows for the Syracuse football program indeed. I am extremely embarrassed to admit that I even follow this collection or Orange Stool Samples. It is obvious that the players don't care, the coaches don't coach and the team can't win. I see some changes coming up really fast and I am afraid it will not be pretty.

OMG! Yankees win, theeeeeeeee Yankees win. Can't believe it mariners must have been drunk or stoned. Not only did the yankees win but the Red Sox, Twins, and Rays all lost meaning the Yankees actually gained a game in the standing making them only 7.5 games behind the wild card. Miracles happen and this is one I don't anticipate arriving at the doorstep this season.

Good night and remember you can't spell sucks without SU.

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