Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Ladies and Gentlemen I have a beef with somehting that happened Monday night and I want to share my thoughts with you. In 1814 Francis Scott Key was sitting on a British ship watching the horrific bombing of Fort McHenry when he noticed an American flag still waving after all the bombing. He wrote a poem about this flag. Later it was sung to a tavern tune, aka a beer drinking song but this I have no problems with. It is our country's song and it has a simple melody but is one of the hardest songs to sing because it has a wide range. The thing that really angers me is when some people http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R21LeB9ihRE decide they are going to put their artistic freedom into this song. Monday night, Kat Deluna a supposedly pop music star who is 20 years old, performed this song for a national tv audience for the Dallas Cowboy-Philadelphia Eagle Monday Night Football Game. She started rather nicely keeping it simple but then she added some embelishments in the song and started changing her voice quality. In the background you hear some cheers but it is not for her but for fireworks being set off in the background. It really sucks towards the end and she doesn't even come close to finishing the song on the key she started. Also during this time she had a look of severe constipation on her face as she appeared to strain for every note. She was booed by the crowd and frankly I don't blame them it was downright horrible. I would rather listen to Walrus's Fart 2 feet away than that awful display. Up above I posted a link for this performance, I warn you put your kids to bed before you watch this and lock your doors because this is plain awful. So if you learn anything from this remember the National Anthem is not broken, so don't FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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