Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Why don't we see this on TV


I love this video, but amazingly you didn't see this reported on the Major Networks except for Fox who I admit is not a democrat friendly news channel. Joe Biden is in Missouri speaking when he mentions State Senator Chuck Graham for some recognition, he tells hm to stand up but he forgot one thing, Chuck Graham is in a wheel chair, so apparently Joe Biden now thinks he's Benny Hinn( http://www.bennyhinn.org/default.cfm ) and can heal people, He's been healed it's a miracle. I just find this humorous and not an issue for this election but If Sarah Palin, or John McCain did this, it would have been plastered all over the networks and people would be saying oh they don't pay attention to detail, they can't do well under pressure, etc..... Just a thought.


Ladies and Gentlemen I have a beef with somehting that happened Monday night and I want to share my thoughts with you. In 1814 Francis Scott Key was sitting on a British ship watching the horrific bombing of Fort McHenry when he noticed an American flag still waving after all the bombing. He wrote a poem about this flag. Later it was sung to a tavern tune, aka a beer drinking song but this I have no problems with. It is our country's song and it has a simple melody but is one of the hardest songs to sing because it has a wide range. The thing that really angers me is when some people http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R21LeB9ihRE decide they are going to put their artistic freedom into this song. Monday night, Kat Deluna a supposedly pop music star who is 20 years old, performed this song for a national tv audience for the Dallas Cowboy-Philadelphia Eagle Monday Night Football Game. She started rather nicely keeping it simple but then she added some embelishments in the song and started changing her voice quality. In the background you hear some cheers but it is not for her but for fireworks being set off in the background. It really sucks towards the end and she doesn't even come close to finishing the song on the key she started. Also during this time she had a look of severe constipation on her face as she appeared to strain for every note. She was booed by the crowd and frankly I don't blame them it was downright horrible. I would rather listen to Walrus's Fart 2 feet away than that awful display. Up above I posted a link for this performance, I warn you put your kids to bed before you watch this and lock your doors because this is plain awful. So if you learn anything from this remember the National Anthem is not broken, so don't FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

One More Time

I have been a teacher for 13 years and each year I have taught, the New York Yankees have been involved in the Baseball Playoffs. This is the year they aren't and I am concerned about what I will do with my free time. I refuse to watch baseball on TV unless it is the Yankees playing. So I have compiled a top 10 list of things for me to do with my free time.

1. Learn to knit sweaters and crap like that
2. get my ears and nipples pierced just for fun
3. Get a tattoo
4. Brew beer in my garage
5. Form a Polka Band
6. Enter the Presidential race on the Trombonist Party Ticket. Our mission statement is we let things slide
7. Buy a pet elephant and raise it in my back yard, then in the spring have an elephant roast and invite the whole town of Lusk
8. Root for Syracuse football, but find out that it doesn't even exist
9. Organize my lesson plans better, keep up gradebook, school stuff, etc....
and the # 1 thing I can do with my suddenly free time thanks to the ineptness of the NY Yankees,
1. Spend time with my family the most important people in my life.

OK one last thought. Most of you know that I am a conservative republican and am not afraid to say so but I wanted to point out something I saw today that definitely threw out all parties and was bipartisan. I drove into my schools parking lot today and this one vehicle of a students had some bumper stickers on it that made me pay attention. One sticker said Bush/Cheney America's second choice. Another sticker said No War in Iraq. Looking at these two sticker made me conclude that this person was indeed a liberal Democrat. But one sticker really threw me for a loop and that was a NASCAR sticker for Dale Earnheardt Sr. I thought that if a person was a NASCAR fan they had to be a redneck republican. So it is obvious that his person is reaching out to the republicans. It made me chuckle and also in a funny way realize that even if things seem messed up we live in the greatest country of all time.

Ranting and Raving

A few days ago, a former co worker of mine showed me an interesting article on keloland.com a TV station in Sioux Falls, SD. It was about a State Board of Education Board representative saying that the State of South Dakota inadequately funds education. This particular person is a superintendent of a Class A school in Northeastern South Dakota and frankly his comments are correct, the state of South Dakota does a poor job in funding education. So let's look into why the state legislature does not fund education well. First a person needs to understand the school budget and the four categories it contains. There is the General Fund which pays for teachers salaries, supplies and equipment etc...,. Then there is the Capital Outlay fund which pays for building improvements and repairs, no money designated in the Capital outlay fund can be used for salaries or supplies. Then there is the Special Education fund which is used for obvious reasons. The last category is the pension fund which is used for retirement money for employees of the district. This money more than likely is invested for profit. Each school gets an allotted amount of money from the state and from taxes collected from the county of the schools town. Each category mentioned above gets a certain amount of money. When the school year ends if there is money left over then schools can put the money into the reserve funds to use anytime they please. In the general fund schools are allowed to have, by state law, a 25% reserve fund in the bank, meaning for example, if a school districts general fund budget was 100 dollars and they had 30 dollars left over at the end of the year, legally they can bank 25 of those dollars. A lot of schools in South Dakota have built up a high reserve fund, many schools over the 25% mark. What happens if the school has a higher reserve than 25%, the school gets penalized by the state and is required to pay a portion back to the state. Many schools are doing this because the interest they earn from investing those general fund reserves each year is greater than the penalty they pay back to the state. So if I am a legislator, I have a hard time giving money to schools that take that approach and don't use it all. It seems ridiculous to give more to schools when some districts have a lot left over. Now, you might say so then how is South Dakota inadequately funded and the answer is that a majority of schools in South Dakota are struggling and when they tally up their reserves they are at 0% or in some cases in the red. These schools desperately need funding but the districts who continually rack up these huge reserve funds hurt these schools. The state of South Dakota needs to reexamine the reserve funds percentage and make changes to make schools use this money to pay teachers, who are highly qualified and valuable to communities. I have to say I left South Dakota as a teacher because I could make 17,000 dollars a year more than I would in South Dakota. The town I moved into in Wyoming actually has a cost of living less than the town l lived in South Dakota. It makes me upset in a way because I loved South Dakota and the school I taught at, it was a hard decision to leave, but I saw little being done to insure educators of staying in the state legislature and the local school board and the superintendent. (I also hated AAT, only people from BHCS will know what I mean) Going back to the state board member who said SD inadequately funds schools, his district is one of the biggest abusers of the reserve funds. His school currently has a reserve fund of Approximately 1.5 million dollars which is about 45-50%. ( these are guesses but pretty close) and he has the nerve to say in a courtroom that South Dakota does not provide enough funding for schools. He needs to realize that he is part of the problem and not the solution.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Way to Go Part 2

Today has been a good day for me. We traveled to Rapid City, SD today to visit with family. We attended an event that was held for Downs Syndrome called the Buddy Walk. We actually missed the first part of the event but were able to catch the final act, a concert featuring two guys and a fellow named Chris Burke. Chris Burke was the guy who played Corky on the TV series Life Goes on a long time ago. He also starred in ER for one episode. He was great. We attended this because we have a niece who has Down's Syndrome. Anyways as I was thinking about people with Down's Syndrome it just made me realize why God put people with Down's Syndrome on the Earth. If you ever pay attention to people like this you will notice one thing and that is they love everyone unconditionally. They do not judge people nor care what hey do for a living, hgow they look, what color skin they have, if they are Republican or democrat, they give love unconditionally. That is what God wants from everybody on Earth. People with Downs Syndrome are God's gift to us because they are models of how we should have relationships with one another.

Now for the Way to Go part 2 part. Today in Syracuse a "college football team" gave up 42 points and 500 yards of offense and ended up losing 42-28. Now here is the absolute horrible part, it was to Akron University a team from Akron, Ohio who play their home games in the Rubber Bowl. (insert your own jokes please). Akron University Zips, please!!!!!!!!! How has a once strong program fallen so far behind that it loses to the Akron Zips? This is the lowest of lows for the Syracuse football program indeed. I am extremely embarrassed to admit that I even follow this collection or Orange Stool Samples. It is obvious that the players don't care, the coaches don't coach and the team can't win. I see some changes coming up really fast and I am afraid it will not be pretty.

OMG! Yankees win, theeeeeeeee Yankees win. Can't believe it mariners must have been drunk or stoned. Not only did the yankees win but the Red Sox, Twins, and Rays all lost meaning the Yankees actually gained a game in the standing making them only 7.5 games behind the wild card. Miracles happen and this is one I don't anticipate arriving at the doorstep this season.

Good night and remember you can't spell sucks without SU.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Wow what an effort

Man if you want to see an example of hard work look no farther than the New York Yankees. They have played two great games lately last night in Tampa Bay losing only 7-5 and tonight in Seattle losing only 3-1. Man they are gritty, it is awesome to watch the likes of Alex Rodriguez hustle to first after a double play ground ball that ends an inning. It is great to see rookie pitchers from the other team almost throw a no hitter against one of the supposedly most powerful lineups in baseball. This team is sure exciting to watch like last night in Tampa getting behind 7-0 until the 9th inning when they scored 5 runs because they finally decided they gave a rat's donkey. And wow they had a great offensive apporach to this Bone Marrow or whatever his name was for the Mariners. it was the guys first frickin start in Major League baseball and the Yankees rudely welcomed him by getting their first hit in the eighth inning. Way to go Yankees your sense of urgency, hustle, enthusiasm, timely hitting, great defense has surely inspired me this baseball season. I am looking forward to see how you do in the playoffs once you overcome the 8 and 1/2 games you are behind in the wild card. I have never been more proud of my Yankees than I Have this season, way to go , SCHMUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

It's been a while

It has been a while since I have blogged luckily we haven't had many things in the news to report about. I would say that the news in America has been slow the last 10 days not much going on. I did read about some hurricane that hit Louisiana and there were a couple of conventions that took place and I even heard that someone from Alaska is the vice presidential candidate for John McCain. I even heard a rumor that it was a women. Hard to believe if you ask me, one I didn't think Alaska even had a government I thought they just lived on their own in eskimo villages and every now and then drilled a hole in the ground for oil to burn for winter heat. I also didn't know they had women in Alaska man was I surprised now I guess it is back to square one for the men in Alaska. Ok all kidding aside what an eventful last couple of days. When I first read that McCain picked this Governor, I thought what is he doing? Who is she? Well I think it is obvious that McCain is capable of making very good intelligent decision by this choice. She has generated a renewed excitement in the Republican Party and has created a lot more interest in this election than before she was nominated. I think this election is going to be a landslide. Barack Obama ( By the way the spell check on here says Barack O'bama is spelled wrong, that's because he doesn't belong)has run out of steam and now they will be forced to try and bring up dirt on Palin and say nasty things that will eventually wear thin with Americans. (The last two sentences is an opinion of the blogger not necessarily the opinion of blogspot.com although he is 100% correct)

In other events Syracuse Football is back and man what excitement it generated in my life. Last Saturday I anxiously awaited for 10:00 a.m. to watch SU play Northwestern on ESPN2. I was excited for a new season and was hoping to see improvement from last year. Opening kickoff SU marches down the field and eventually kicks a field goal but I was so amazed that the offense moved so efficiently nothing I had seen that last three seasons. Then I came crashing down to earth the next 3 hours and watched Northwestern make adjustments to SU and beat them 30-10. Luckily for me SU doesn't have another game on TV with the exception of the National Championship game they will play in January when they run the table and win the next 11 games finishing 11-1. Be right back time to take my medication for all the delusional thoughts I have been having lately. (Don't take Grape Seed Extract) Ok I am back, let's see what I wrote here, SU , 11-1 huh...? man was I drunk or something. I would be surprised if they win 3 games this year and I am totally serious. I feel for Greg Robinson the coach, but he should probably become an AMWAY salesman because he can sell a blind man contact lenses. He has fooled the Syracuse fans into thinking that SU actually has a football team. In all reality he is the head of the drama department and has staged practices that were filmed to make it appear that SU has a football team. His favorite type of plays are obviously tragedies and occasionally a comedy. Back to AMWAY, Greg I'll buy a case of shampoo and some soap just give me a call.

Don't get me started on the Yankees.

NFL starts and Buffalo plays the lowly Seattle
Seahawks, who suck so bad that even the Hoover Vacuum cleaner company is scared of them. But the Bills will probably find a way to lose thus leaving me with no ammunition when a few of my friends attack me about this game.

Well thanks for stopping by and I will be better at keeping this updated more
often than I have been.