Thursday, September 11, 2008

One More Time

I have been a teacher for 13 years and each year I have taught, the New York Yankees have been involved in the Baseball Playoffs. This is the year they aren't and I am concerned about what I will do with my free time. I refuse to watch baseball on TV unless it is the Yankees playing. So I have compiled a top 10 list of things for me to do with my free time.

1. Learn to knit sweaters and crap like that
2. get my ears and nipples pierced just for fun
3. Get a tattoo
4. Brew beer in my garage
5. Form a Polka Band
6. Enter the Presidential race on the Trombonist Party Ticket. Our mission statement is we let things slide
7. Buy a pet elephant and raise it in my back yard, then in the spring have an elephant roast and invite the whole town of Lusk
8. Root for Syracuse football, but find out that it doesn't even exist
9. Organize my lesson plans better, keep up gradebook, school stuff, etc....
and the # 1 thing I can do with my suddenly free time thanks to the ineptness of the NY Yankees,
1. Spend time with my family the most important people in my life.

OK one last thought. Most of you know that I am a conservative republican and am not afraid to say so but I wanted to point out something I saw today that definitely threw out all parties and was bipartisan. I drove into my schools parking lot today and this one vehicle of a students had some bumper stickers on it that made me pay attention. One sticker said Bush/Cheney America's second choice. Another sticker said No War in Iraq. Looking at these two sticker made me conclude that this person was indeed a liberal Democrat. But one sticker really threw me for a loop and that was a NASCAR sticker for Dale Earnheardt Sr. I thought that if a person was a NASCAR fan they had to be a redneck republican. So it is obvious that his person is reaching out to the republicans. It made me chuckle and also in a funny way realize that even if things seem messed up we live in the greatest country of all time.

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