Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's been awhile

It has been almost a month since I have blogged and I guess I have had bloggers block or maybe have been busy with school or being a dad but anyways I am back and here it is. It has been a strange year for me this school year. For the first time in my 13 year teaching career the New York Yankees have not been participants in the baseball playoffs. I have found it hard to decide what to do with the extra time I have had since they failed to make the playoffs. I just hope this isn't a trend I have to get used too.

Syracuse Football well it really really sucks, that is all I have to say on that.

The twins have been growing like weeds and are about ready to crawl which makes me a little bit nervous becasue now I actually have to concentrate on things I leave on the floor. They are quite adorable though and I just love picking them up and playing with them. I love the way they smile at me knowing I am their daddy but I also realize that in 13 years They will think I am the biggest idiot in the world and not as cool as I am now. I am not sure if I am looking forward to the teenage years, keeping them away from High School boys who have one thing on their mind and we know it isn't pretty good ideas. ( The last three words were in honor of my liberal responder to this blog) BUt hopefully these girls will grow up respecting their parents and lovin God and obeying his word.

Politics has been really interesting and frankly I have no idea where this race is heading. If I had to guess I would say Obama has the edge and that makes me concerned but in the end we should not depend on our leaders but on God who is in control of everything. If he wants Obama in office then so be it if he wants McCain then so be it. I just believe McCain is the right answer because he has experience and Obama doesn't have the experience I believe necessary to become president of the United States of America. When you look at the whole process, you do realize that we are blessed to be Americans and actually have a voice in this process, somewhat. Example, in South Dakota you might be a democrat but since the state has a strong republican majority your democrat vote for president doesn't really count because the republicans will more than likely win South Dakota. In New York a republican vote is useless thanks to New York City democrats. I hate the electoral college and think it is stupid, even if that means Al Gore would have won in 2000. Growing up in New York State people would be suprised how much of that state is conservative. If you had a map of New York and red was republican and blue democrat, the entire state would be red with the exception to the south eastern space known as New York City. I often wonder what our founding fathers were thinking about this college. To me it is an insult to my vote but as an American I will fufill my civic duty and vote.

Well that is all for now, headline I will not be writing the next time I Blog.

1. Syracuse football makes a turn for the better and is headiung for a bowl game
2. Wyoming's recount to determine Presidential race.
3. Canadian Airforce set to attack North Dakota's naval base
4. Yankees win the World Series


BeefHarbor said...

good to see you bloggin again... i've always wondered tho... republicans love to use liberal as an insult... whats so bad about it?
and don't worry, some of us have good ideas, a stark contrast to the obsessive hold that many republicans including John McCain have on the past.

Who needs sleep? said...

Hello.... anyone home?